The Research Group of Novel Heat Transfer Technologies & Compact Heat Exchangers consists of two professors, two associate professors, a lecturer with doctorate degree, one senior engineer, 15 doctoral students, and 21 master students. The group mainly engages in the research of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Heat Transfer(CFD&NHT), heat transfer enhancement, transport phenomena in porous media, compact heat exchangers, building energy saving and indoor air quality. It has undertaken the National High Techonology Research and Development Project of China(863), the National Basic Research Program of China(973), the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pre-research funds of weapons, and more than 30 enterprise commissioned projects. So far, there are more than 100 research articles published, 14 China Invent Patents, 1 US Patent, and 1 software copyright registration. The group has good cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and domestic enterprises.

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